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  • Series 1 (6 x 30 mins) TX: January - February 2016
  • Presented By: Sue Perkins
  • Team Captains: Josh Widdicome & Richard Osman
  • Executive Producer: Paul McGettigan
  • Executive Producers & Writers: Will Ing, Dan Gaster, Paul Powell
  • Series Producer: Margaret-Anne Docherty 
  • Commissioning Executive for the BBC: Jo Street
  • Director: Steve Smith (Series 1 - Shows 3-6)
  • A Black Dog Television & 12 Yard Production for BBC Two

Sue Perkins presents this brand new comedy panel show, all about famous people, past and present, who have just one thing in common: they share the same name..

  • Each episode centres around one chosen name. Sue invites the two teams, headed up by captains Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe, to battle it out, answering questions and competing to earn the right at the end of the game to decide the greatest ever bearer of that episode’s name.
  • The teams choose from a list of famous people, all sharing the same name. Whether they select a historical, royal, scientific, sporting, legendary or comedic figure, it inevitably leads to fascinating facts, unusual stats, and lots of comedic banter around the individual in question.
  • Funny anecdotes abound and irreverent points are made, as the panellists jump between highbrow and popular culture, and back and forth through history, unearthing weird, wonderful and quirky snippets of information along the way, as their knowledge of the name, and the famous people who share the moniker, is tested.

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