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Gordon Ramsey's The F Word

  • Series 1: 9 x 50 Minutes (October - December 2005)
  • Series 2: 9 x 50 Minutes (June - August 2006)
  • Presented By: Gordon Ramsey
  • Reporters: Giles Coren & Janet Street Porter
  • Executive Producer: Pat Llewellyn 
  • Commissioning Editor for Channel Four: Sue Murphy
  • Series Director: Steve Smith
  • An Optomen Television for Channel Four
  • Steve was Series Director for the first two series of Gordon Ramsay’s F Word and was instrumental in developing it’s unique bold style. The series is based in a specially designed contemporary restaurant, with real diners eating great food cooked to order plus reality kitchen action and celebrity guests. The series was recorded with 4 single cameras using documentary techniques in a multi-camera setting. It was dubbed “Event TV” by the commissioning editor. Steve co-ordinated and led the design team (set designer - Patrick Doherty & graphic design from Hello Charlie).
  • Series 1: The first series was based around the "Get Women Back in the Kitchen" campaign where Ramsay visited several English households to help women who wanted to improve their culinary skills. Two or three commis chefs (picked from a thousand applicants) squared off in each episode to earn a position at one of Ramsay's restaurants. Ramsay raised turkeys in his garden, so that his children gained a better understanding of where their food came from. The pudding (dessert) challenge regularly pitted Ramsay with a celebrity guest, with the winner having the honour of serving his or her pudding to the guests at the F-Word restaurant.
  • Series 2: The series theme emphasized the importance of Sunday lunch, with Ramsay teaching families how to prepare this meal on a regular basis. From the second series onward, the restaurant had 50 paying diners served by an amateur brigade of chefs. If guests found any of their food unsatisfactory, they could choose not to pay for that item.

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