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The National Lottery Win Your Wish List

  • Presented By: Shane Richie
  • Executive Producers: Victoria Ashbourne, Stuart Shawcross, Tamara Gilder, Phil Parsons
  • Commissioning Executive for the BBC: Alan Tyler
  • Series Director: Steve Smith (Pilot & Series One)
  • A Victory Television Production for BBC One

Shane Richie hosts the game show that sees couples playing to win the prizes of their dreams. Will they be able to hold their nerve and take the pressure as they attempt win their wish lists?

  • Win Your Wish List is an incredibly simple but highly addictive Saturday night game show, packed with drama, excitement, nail-biting jeopardy and some of the most treasured prizes on TV.
  • The programme was created by Stuart Shawcross, Victory Television's Head of Entertainment, as a new format for The National Lottery draw shows on a Saturday night.
  • Pairs of contestants choose their dream prizes to make up their wish list, all of which have a connection to their shared history together. They face categories of questions in order to win each of their wish list prizes.
  • But also between them, the couple must decide which one of them will answer the questions because the other will have to ask them, and their judgement on who may know the answer will determine whether they win.

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